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“We the People” are the most perfect words to begin our United States Constitution. However, their representation and intention were abandoned throughout our Constitution.

We the people come in many sizes, shapes, colors, genders, abilities, talents. It is imperative that we the people of the United States, recognize that language speaks to what we believe and who we are. We are a country of people, of humankind. Whoever we are, whatever we are, we are all fully human. We do not have a subspecies of human!

All people need to be seen, need to be represented. We must represent in our language and law, constitutional law, the existence of all people who comprise the populace of the United States. What I am asking, is that you and I, our senators and representatives codify through our language in the United States Constitution laws and freedoms that represent all of us. Let’s Create New History with a Constitutional Amendment that Speaks for All of Us using Universal, Inclusive Language.

The People’s Amendment language changes are:

change “man” to “person”

change “men” to “people”

change “mankind” to “humankind”

change “male” to “person”

change “his” to “person’s”

change “he” to “person”

change “him” to “person”

Please sign this petition if you believe in a constitution that reflects who we are as a nation – diverse, inclusive, equal.